Kamyabi Shayari Urdu 2 Lines Text Successful Poetry in Urdu

kamyabi shayari in Hindi

kamyabi Shayari Hard work is after every successful person; no one can be successful without hard work. If somebody is born rich, it does not mean that his grandfather or excellent grandfather did not work hard, but they may be involved in wrongful actions. So this thing is also a war against God. If you want to be successful, work hard and commitment. Success busses the feet of those who work hard. Here is a sample of kamyabi Shayari in Urdu that will help you become successful.

Among the different genres of poetry, “Kamyabi Shayari” emerges as a special and stunning subset, focusing on the theme of success. In this article, we will delve into the rich tapestry of Kamyabi Shayari, studying its artistic roots, thematic features, and the profound impact it can have on people seeking motivation and motivation.

kamyabi shayari in Hindi

Kamyabi Shayari, or success poetry, finds its roots in the more expansive rule of Urdu and Hindi poetry. “Shayari” refers to saying one’s feelings via rhythmic and formal poetry, while “Kamyabi” means success. This genre of poetry uses poetry that celebrates achievement, persistence, and the success of the human soul over challenges.

kamyabi shayari in Hindi

کامیابی کا سفر ہے یہ، راستے ہیں چھوڑ نہ دینا
ہر قدم پر ہو روشنی، ہر لمحہ میں ہو حکایت

kamyabi shayari in Hindi

راتوں کو بھی جگا لیتی ہے، چاندنیوں کی خوابوں کو
کامیابی کی طرف لے جاتی ہے، آسمانوں میں بہتی راتوں میں

kamyabi shayari in Hindi

ہر مشکل کو پار کرتا ہے، آگے بڑھتا ہے ہر رکاوٹ سے
عزم و استقامت سے ہے بھرا، کامیابی کا یہ سفر

خوابوں کو چھوئے ہوئے، منزل کا پتہ بتاتا ہے
کامیابی کا جذبہ ہے یہ، دلوں میں بس جاتا ہے

چلو چلیں ہم ساتھ، یہ راستہ ہے ہمارا
کامیابی کی ہوائیں ہیں، ہمیں چھونے کا وقت آ گیا

Dil ko chhoo jaye wo muskurahat teri,
Zindagi se pyari ho har baat teri

Raat bhar hai teri yaadon ka safar,
Din mein bhi teri baaton mein hai asar

Chandani raat mein bhi hai teri baat,
Teri yaadon mein hai kuch khaas baat

Mohabbat mein teri, raahon mein meri,
Hai khuda se dua, tu sadaa meri

Khwabon mein aaye teri muskurahat,
Hai har pal teri yaadon ka saath

Tanhaiyon mein bhi hai tera intezaar,
Teri baaton mein hai pyaar ka izhaar

Rangin hai zindagi teri baaton mein,
Tere bina hai adhoori har raah mein

Aankhon mein chamak hai teri muskan mein,
Tera pyara sa chehra hai mere dil mein

Chand se bhi hai teri adaaen pyari,
Tere bina lagta hai sab kuch sunsaan

Dard bhari hai raat, teri yaadon mein,
Tere bina hai zindagi adhoori meri

Tum ho meri zindagi ka maksad,
Tumse juda na ho jaye kabhi bhi koi raaste

Jab se mile ho tum, dil hai khushiyon ka ghar,
Tumse juda na ho, yahi hai mere pyaar ka izhaar

Aasmaan mein chamakta hai tera chehra,
Har pal teri yaadon ka hai maza

Dil ki duniya mein hai tera hi asar,
Tere bina hai zindagi adhoori si pyaari

Teri baaton mein chhupi hai ek kahani,
Teri muskurahat hai meri zindagi ki jawani

Raat bhar roshni hai teri yaadon mein,
Tere bina hai zindagi adhoori si sheher

Teri aankhon mein doob gaya hai dil mera,
Tere bina hai zindagi adhoori si bekarar

Dil se judi hai teri har ek baat,
Teri yaadon mein hai kuch khaas raat

Chandni raat mein tera intezaar hai,
Teri yaadon mein hai pyaar ka izhaar hai

Tere ishq mein hai rangon ka jahan,
Teri baaton mein hai zindagi ka samaan

kamyabi Poetry in Urdu 2 line

  1. Motivation and Inspiration:
    Kamyabi Shayari serves as a vital source of motivation and inspiration. The poetry often encapsulates individuals’ struggles on their trip to success, owning the blocks and urging constancy. These poems are a guiding light, showing solace and motivation during hard times.
  2. Celebration of Achievements:
    The poetry of success does not simply focus on the problems; it also celebrates the big and small achievements. Poets capture the triumph through dazzling imagery and provocative language, creating a sense of celebration within the poetry.
  3. Resilience and Determination:
    Resilience is a recurring theme in Kamyabi Shayari. The poets emphasize the importance of resilience in the face of adversity, portraying it as a critical component of the journey to success. The verses encourage individuals to persevere, learn from failures, and emerge stronger.
  4. Self-Reflection:
    Success poetry often prompts introspection, inviting readers to reflect on their aspirations, goals, and paths. It encourages individuals to contemplate their strengths and weaknesses, fostering a deeper understanding of the self.
  5. Social and Cultural Commentary:
    Kamyabi Shayari is not limited to personal success but addresses broader societal and cultural themes. Poets use their verses to comment on societal expectations, gender roles, and the collective pursuit of success in a community.

kamyabi shayari in English

  1. Empowerment:
    Kamyabi Shayari empowers individuals by instilling a sense of belief in their abilities. The verses remind us that success is within reach, provided one is determined and persistent. This empowerment can catalyze positive change in both personal and professional spheres.
  2. Coping Mechanism:
    During challenging times, success poetry can serve as a coping mechanism. The relatable narratives within the verses connect the poet and the reader, offering solace and encouragement to navigate difficulties.
  3. Cultural Connection:
    Kamyabi Shayari fosters a cultural connection, especially within communities that value poetry as an integral part of their heritage. It becomes a shared experience, a communal celebration of success, and a collective source of motivation.
  4. Personal Development:
    Reading and internalizing Kamyabi Shayari can contribute to personal development. The reflective nature of the poetry encourages individuals to set goals, overcome obstacles, and continually strive for improvement.

Historically, Kamyabi Shayari has the works of renowned poets such as Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. With their profound insights into life’s complexities, these literary giants have contributed significantly to the thematic development of successful poetry.

Mirza Ghalib:
Hazaar baar ruke, hazaar baar chale,
Manzil unhi ko milti hai, jinke sapno mein jaan hoti hai

Stopped a thousand times, walked a thousand times,
The destination is attained by those whose dreams have life.”
Allama Iqbal:
Khudi ko kar buland itna,
Ki har taqdeer se pehle,
Khuda bande se khud pooche,
Bata, teri raza kya hai

Elevate your self to such heights,
That before every destiny,
God Himself asks the person,
Tell me, what is your will?
Faiz Ahmed Faiz:
Raat yun dil mein teri khoyi hui yaad aayi,
Jaise veerane mein chupke se bahaar aa jaye.

Tonight, your lost memory came to my heart,
Like spring silently arrives in the desolate land.


In the tapestry of poetry, Kamyabi Shayari stands as a dynamic and inspirational line, weaving tales of victory, strength, and self-discovery. Ingrained in the artistic legacy of Urdu and Roman poetry, this genre exceeds linguistic boundaries, echoing someone on a universal level. As we guide the complexity of life, the poetry of success acts as a guide, showing wisdom, motivation, and a timeless celebration of the human heart’s triumphs.

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